Textlocal knowledge base

The central location for finding information about our SMS platform

Our knowledge base is a great place to start if you are unsure about a feature of our SMS marketing platform. As well as walk throughs of our essential and advanced features, we also have put together how to guides to help you get started. We’ve also put together our latest white papers and guides, which you can download from the site.

Discover our dedicated library of support videos from sending SMS, creating contact groups and managing your account.

Send SMS using your Textlocal account

Getting started - sending messages online

Download this getting started guide and learn how to start sending messages online with your Textlocal SMS account.

How to compose a text message online

Learn how to compose your text message, including how many characters your messages should be.

Creating message drafts and SMS templates

Learn how to compose a draft message or create a text message template.

Choosing or changing your sender name

Learn how to change your text message sender name.

Send a message to a contact group

Learn how to upload contacts and send a bulk text message campaign to a contact group.

How to personalise messages with mail merge

Personalise your text messages by mail merging contact information into your SMS.

Check out our handy checklist for some simple steps to help make sure your SMS campaigns deliver real value and results.

Receive text messages online

View your messages online

View your messages in your online SMS inbox.

Configure your SMS inbox settings

Learn how to configure your inbox settings to set up auto replies and forward functions.

Contacts & Groups

How to create a contact list

Learn how to create a contact group to send messages to.

How to delete contacts

Learn how to delete contacts from your Textlocal account.

How to search for or find contacts

Learn how to search for a contact online.

Split a contact group online

Read how to split a contact group online.

Automatically add a contact to a group

Each time you receive a message, add the mobile number to one of your contact groups.

Import contacts from a spreadsheet

See how you can import contacts from an Excel spreadsheet into your Textlocal account.

Textlocal features

Introducing Messenger 3.0

[VIDEO] Watch a recorded webinar, by one of our SMS experts introducing Textlocal’s Messenger 3.0 platform.

What is SMS marketing?

Read why you should use Textlocal’s SMS platform for your marketing campaigns.

Email to SMS

Send SMS messages from any email client with Textlocal’s Email to SMS tool.

How to create mobile surveys and forms

Add a survey or form to your text message campaign.

How to create a mobile web pages

Learn how to use Textlocal’s mobile web page tool to build a mobile web page for your campaign.

Using the simple reply service

Read how you can use Textlocal’s Simple Reply Service.

How to use short links and attachments

Download a full guide to Textlocal’s short link and attachment tools.

Upgrade your account to Messenger+

Messenger+ is packed full of additional features that make managing a Textlocal account easier for your business needs. Read our guide for more information.

Textlocal's API & Gateway

Finding and using your API key

Locate your SMS API key and learn how you can use it to send and receive messages or retrieve contacts.

The Textlocal SMPP Server

Find out more about Textlocal’s SMS SMPP server.

Sending text messages using an Excel plugin

Download our Excel SMS plugin send text messages directly from a spreadsheet.

How to set up and use Zapier

Integrate hundreds of apps, cloud based CRMs and more with Zapier.

Getting Started. Download the guide

Sending any kind of communication to customers can be daunting, especially if you’re sending large volumes. This guide covers everything you need to know about sending SMS with Messenger.

How to send sms using Messenger

In need of further support? If you have any questions about SMS or Textlocal Messenger, visit our FAQ section.