Using the simple reply service

When you send messages you can choose for them to come from our Simple Reply Service. This means we allocate a reply mobile number to each message that you send, and all replies to your messages arrive in your Simple Reply Service inbox.  You can then forward the message to email, webserver, or automatically reply.

You can see the Simple Reply Service inbox at the top of the list of inboxes on the Messenger Receive menu.

You may find it more beneficial to rent a dedicated reply number from us so that the same number is always used to receive replies on your account.  Also, a dedicated number can be published on marketing material and people can contact you “cold” without receiving an initial message from you.

Note: You must set your send name to a valid SMS long number. An 11-digit number starting with 0 or a 12-digit number starting with 44. Each message you send via the Simple Reply Service will use 1.5 credits, or free with our Messenger+ package.