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With over 165,000 happy customers, we’re the UK’s leading business mobile messaging provider. We work with businesses of all sizes from SMBs to multi-national corporations across every sector of commerce. Read our bank of success stories for every business sector below.

We have one of the most comprehensive mobile marketing case studies resources in the industry, each one offering a unique insight into the ways in which businesses of all sizes, industries and expertise can use text messages for winning marketing and customer value strategies.

Benefits of using SMS in business

According to recent studies, Bulk SMS offers a response rate five times higher than that of direct email marketing. This is thanks to its direct targeting and easy access.

SMS marketing is also kind on your budget thanks to our low prices.

Offering a more individual experience with personalised messages, you are more likely to gain loyalty from your customers and see a boost in your reputation. Easy scheduling will also save you time when it comes to sending your messages out!

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Deciding to invest marketing budget into new areas can be a daunting prospect, even if the investment is in a technology that’s more effective than email marketing and cheaper than traditional communication.

At Textlocal we have been able to help more than 165,000 businesses who are sending up to 40 million SMS and text messages each month.