The Textlocal SMPP Server

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Supported Encoding Types

The Textlocal SMS SMPP server supports the commonly used encoding types defined in the PDU. The data_coding parameter can be one of the following:

  • 0x00 GSM 03.38 (default)
  • 0x03 ISO-8859-1 (Also known as Latin-1)
  • 0x08 UCS-2 (16-bit Unicode)

If a PDU is sent with a data_coding type other than the three listed above, you may experience inconsistent results.

Test Mode, Scheduling and Other PDU values

The Textlocal SMPP server supports both relative and absolute schedule times as per the SMPP specification. For example, a relative schedule time such as 010302070800400R would mean that a message will be delivered 1 year, 3 months, 2 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes, 0 seconds and 4 tenths of second from now.

Scheduled delivery times are specified in UTC format, including the quarter-hour offset and direction symbol (either + or -) in the format of YYMMDDhhmmss – for example, 150401133700-00 would be 01/04/2015 at 13:37:00 UTC.

If the source_add_ton value is set to 99, messages will not be sent through the live platform, and will be receipted as if successfully delivered.

Interpreting Delivery Response Codes Aside from the standard SMPP delivery statuses, the delivery status code is used to alert the SMPP client of specific issues with the delivery of messages in the form of a deliver_sm message back to your bind. If a submit_sm was sent without requesting a delivery receipt (setting the registered_delivery to 0), then this will not be applicable.

SMPP Delivery Status Codes and their Meanings

The following are the status codes we return and their associated meanings:

  • 2 Delivered
  • 3 Expired
  • 4 Deleted
  • 5 Undelivered
  • 7 Unknown
  • 8 Validation failed – one of the following:
    • Invalid validity
    • Message Expired
    • No content
    • Invalid scheduled date
    • No mobile number
    • Message Too Long (<918 characters)
  • 9 Not enough credit