Introducing Messenger 3.0

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Let us take you through the updated version of Messenger 3.0, launched in February 2015. Showing off its brand new look and feel, Andy also demonstrates the new features and the classic, award-winning elements of the platform.


One of the biggest changes to Messenger 3.0 is the fact that there are now three tiers to the service: Classic, Corporate and Custom. Classic is our free, non-subscription model – you just pay for the texts you need. Corporate is the next step up, and for £39.95 a month (or £29.95 if commit for a year), you receive extra features, including the ability to set up as many as five sub-accounts. Last but not least, our Custom package is a bespoke service, tailored to your businesses’ needs, and can include additional features such as complete data management and enhanced support.

As soon as you login to Messenger 3.0, you’ll notice that basic reporting statistics are presented on the first page, allowing you to quickly assess how your texts are performing. By popular demand, we’ve also added an auto top-up feature. Now you need never worry about running out of text credits, as you can state when they’re topped up and by how much – for example, when you get down to 20 credits, your account is topped up with an additional 100.