Getting started with Adwords’ message extensions

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What are 'message extensions'?

Message extensions is a new ad extension that allows advertisers to add a SMS call to action for ads on mobile devices.

When the user clicks on the ‘TXT’ link in a mobile ad their text message app is opened with a pre-written message to a long number (or mobile number) than can receive and process a text message.

1. Sign-up or log-in to purchase a long number

Message extensions require a 11 digit long number that can receive and process text messages. Thankfully you can purchase a dedicated number online.

Sign-up or login to your account > click on ‘Receive‘ > click on ‘Create Inbox

2. Test your dedicated number

Once you’ve been allocated your dedicated long number you will be able to test your inbox. Send a message to your long number and check if you’ve received the message in your number’s dedicated inbox:

Click on ‘Receive‘ > Click on your long number > Click on ‘View Inbox’

3. Create an inbox autoresponse

From within your inbox, click on Settings to access your inbox settings.

Under Response Functions, tick the option to: “Send an autoresponse to each incoming message”

From here you can select your Sender Name and write your message in the message window. You can also add a tracked link, survey, attachment or mobile web page.

Once you have created your autoresponse, you can click ‘Save Settings‘ in the bottom right hand of the screen.

Add credits to your account

In order to use an inbox autoresponse, you need to make sure that you have enough text credits in your account. When you sign up for a free account you get 10 messages free. You use one credit for each autoresponse under 160 characters that’s sent. Purchase more credits online by clicking on the ‘Buy’ button when you’re logged into your account.


4. Add your long number to your AdWords account

Log-in to your AdWords account and click on ‘Ad extensions’.

In the ‘View:’ drop down, select ‘Message extensions

To create a new message extension, click on ‘+ EXTENSION‘ and select the Campaign or Ad group you would like to create the extension for. Click on ‘+ New message extension‘ to create a new message extension.

Complete the fields for the creating the new extension, adding your Textlocal long number in the “Text phone number” field. If you’ve purchased a UK number you will need to select the region and ensure that the number is correctly formatted (i.e. 447…).

Complete the creation of your message extension by clicking ‘Save‘.