Finding and using your API key

You will need to create an API key in order to integrate with our send SMS API services with your own platform or website. With your Textlocal account, you have access to multiple SMS integrations and can create your free API key to integrate with PHP, .NET, ASP, Java and any other language. All API requests should be sent to{command}, where command is the API call you wish to execute, with the parameters included either in the POST parameters or querystring (GET parameters)

Creating your API key

You can create or find your API key within the Textlocal platform. You can also add a separate API key for each of your applications, and label them accordingly to help identify which key is which.

To create a brand new API key, or find an existing one, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Textlocal account.
  2. Navigate to Settings All settings API Keys.
  3. If you have previously created an API key, you will see it here.
  4. If you have never created an API key before, click on Create New Key and a new page will appear where you can configure your API key.
  5. Make sure to give your API key a recognisable name in the Notes field.
  6. Click Save New Key.


How to create your API key
How to create your API key