Composing a text message

Check out our handy checklist for some simple steps to help make sure your SMS campaigns deliver real value and results.

Simply type your message in the big box. As you type you will see a counter at the bottom showing how many characters have been used.

We support LONG SMS text messages. This means you can go over 160 characters – all the way up to 612, which is great when you have a lot to say!

A single message is up to 160 characters. 2 messages is up to 2 x 153 characters = 306. Why 2 x 153 and not 160? Well, there are 7 characters per message used to join the parts back together on your handset. 3 messages is up to 3 x 153 characters = 459. 4 messages is 4 x 153 = 612.

Don’t forget, you can merge in up to 5 data fields from your imported contacts.  You can also attach files, add weblinks and link to surveys, webpages and mobile tickets.

Messages can be scheduled and drip-fed throughout the day so you don’t flood your callcenter.