How to create mobile surveys and forms

Send surveys or collect information using our forms tool

Messenger’s mobile surveys and forms tool lets you create and send mobile optimised web surveys and mobile web pages complete with a range of data capture tools. Like mobile web pages, surveys can be sent using a short link within your text message, so they are easily accessible by anyone with a smartphone.

Mobile forms can be a simplified version of a desktop web form, without the distraction of adverts and promotions, or a completely different version with a simpler and cleaner interface.

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Create an SMS survey
  • Set up mobile survey pages
  • Use our survey and form creation tool
  • Add buttons, drop-downs and add custom fields
  • Insert an invite to survey and forms in a message
  • Report on survey results

Download - How to Create Mobile Surveys and Forms

Want to insert a survey or form into one of your messages?