Viewing your SMS inbox messages

Textlocal offers an SMS inbox service in Messenger that allows you to manage and organise inbound messages. You can use your inboxes to gather opted-in contact details and to respond to any text message. You can receive inbound messages using SMS short numbers or SMS long numbers, or you can hold two way SMS conversations. Any inbound SMS message you receive is stored in an SMS inbox. You can set up inboxes for each keyword, sub-keyword or dedicated inbound number on your account. It is here that you will be able to view and respond to any enquiries as well as set up respond forward SMS rules to forward inbound messages on to email addresses, or other mobile phone numbers.

Check out our handy checklist for some simple steps to help make sure your SMS campaigns deliver real value and results.


When you’re logged into Messenger, the first page you will see is your Dashboard. You will be able to see a snapshot of your inboxes here. You can see if there are any new messages to view in your inboxes in the Textlocal Message Centre.

Textlocal Message Centre

Managing your SMS inbox

This is where you will be able to see the inboxes you have set up, and the various messages each inbox has received. If you haven’t set up an inbox, please refer to our creating an inbox page.

By clicking into an inbox you will be able to see various options. You can view and renew your inbox, add a sub-keyword, edit settings, send a message and export text messages.

To view all of your SMS inboxes, follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over Receive
  2. Click View Inboxes

How to open SMS messages

Opening your SMS messages on our platform is easy. Once you’re in the “View Inboxes” section of the platform, select the inbox you wish to open SMS messages from and you will see a list of messages. From here, you can reply, set up forwarding functions to your inbound messages or export them as an Excel file.

Reply to a message in your inbox

You can reply to any message in your SMS inbox. To manually reply to a message in your SMS inbox, select the message you want to reply to and select Send Message. Replying to a message in your inbox will consume credits as usual.

How to send a message to an inbound SMS in your inbox

Exporting messages from your inbox

You can export selected messages as a CSV/Excel document if you wish to review your SMS messages offline. To do this, select your messages, and click Export. To export all messages, select the tick box at the top which sits next to Sender.

Export numbers from your inbox

Searching within your inbox

You can also search within your inbox by entering value(s) into the search boxes and clicking Go. You can export these values as CSV or Excel documents as above by clicking Export.

Filter your inbox with search

Add senders to contact groups

Whilst you’re in your inboxes, you can add inbound mobile numbers to existing contacts groups. To do this, select the numbers you want to add into your contacts list and then at the bottom of the interface, select the drop down, select your group or contact list and select Copy Selected on the right-hand side.

Copy contacts from your inbox

SMS inbox settings

Your SMS inbox can do a lot more than be a location to receive your messages. Please refer to our SMS inbox settings page for further information on configuring your SMS inbox settings to set up auto responses and forwarding options.