Excel to SMS

Send SMS direct from Excel

Send bulk text messages from within Excel without logging into our award winning online SMS platform.  Simply select the information you want to include in your message, as well as your recipients’ phone numbers from your Excel columns, and Excel to SMS will automatically create and send personalised messages.

Fast. Simple. Accessible

The SMS Excel add in allows you to:

  • Write your messages from within Excel
  • Merge information from cells in your spreadsheet
  • Calculate the cost to send your messages, before you send
  • Send messages, without needed to reformat your spreadsheet

There is no need to login to our platform to send the messages you create in Excel. The plug in makes use of our SMS API. Every Textlocal account has a unique API key. Get your API key today and start sending SMS from Excel.

Download Excel to SMS plugin

To use the Excel plugin, you need to download it from Microsoft and install it on your PC. You need a Microsoft account to do this. There is no charge for accessing the plugin. Once you’ve set up an account, get started sending SMS from Excel with our knowledge base article.

In need of support? If you have any questions about SMS or Textlocal Messenger, visit our FAQ section.

Before coming to Textlocal our system ran using Twilio, which we found had numerous delivery problems with certain networks. Messages would get delayed and then sent through after other messages on a frequent basis, confusing our customer base. The Textlocal admin is very easy to use and has a wide range of features that put other providers to shame. Would highly recommend them for someone looking for a UK provider.

—Michael Austin, Borntohula Limited

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