SMS long numbers

Send and receive text messages using an 11-digit mobile number

11-digit long numbers are the ideal solution if you want to support two-way SMS or international inbound messaging. They’re in the standard mobile number format that we’re all familiar with, but the number is assigned to your Textlocal account rather than a mobile phone.

Check out our handy checklist for some simple steps to help make sure your SMS campaigns deliver real value and results.

Ideal for two-way SMS chat

With a long number people can reply directly to your message and you can hold on-going SMS conversations via Textlocal.

Any Textlocal SMS conversation can be diverted to a mobile phone, so long numbers can give you the convenience of using your own phone without disclosing your actual phone number. You still have access to all the Textlocal features and all your SMS conversations are stored in the platform, so you have an auditable conversation history. We also offer a SMS short number product for shorter memorable numbers.

Unlimited SMS keywords

With a dedicated long number, you can create as many SMS keywords as you wish, each with their own inbox. This allows you to run multiple campaigns, or use your long number across multiple teams, branches or departments. Long numbers can be purchased within the Textlocal online platform and activated immediately.

Get started receiving SMS online

Get started with your receive SMS online API by setting your keyword and creating the auto-responses that will engage your customers and help to grow your contact list.

In need of support? If you have any questions about SMS or Textlocal Messenger, visit our FAQ section.

Have used Textlocal for several years now, mainly as a way of sending SMS messages to customers direct from our website. The service works extremely well and we wholeheartedly recommend the company and the services they offer!

—Chris Somes, Dotcom Solutions

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