Receiving messages online

Our mobile messaging service lets you receive replies back from the SMS messages you send out; something that is vital in gaining customer feedback and for immediate responses from business marketing and communications sent. Whether it is customer surveys, competitions or just general information, SMS replies are a perfect way of keeping your customers up to date.

Using Messenger, our receive SMS online API lets you access all replies, allowing you to manage delivery and subscription information, handle bulk SMS messages or simply export data to add to your contacts lists or CRM system.

If you want to receive messages, follow one of these steps:

  1. Send messages from your own mobile number. With this option, if you set the ‘Sender Name’ for your texts as your own mobile number (e.g. 447XXX XXXXXX) then the recipient will receive your SMS text as if it has come from your own mobile handset. All replies will then immediately go back to your mobile and bypass us. There is no cost for you to do this
  2. Select ‘Simple Reply Service’ on the ‘Send’ Page, this is located above the message box. Responses will be received under “”Inboxes””. Please note that sending messages with this option will cost 1.5x credits per message on our standard package.
  3. Purchase a Dedicated Long Number by hovering over ‘Inboxes’ and follow ‘Create Inbox’. You can also publish this number to receive messages directly from handsets as only you will own it. These cost £25 per month + VAT. Please note, we offer reductions for bulk reservations.

For options 2 and 3 above, replies will be stored under ‘Receive’ within your account.