Mobile Web Page Editor – video guide

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This Tutorial is for our ‘Mobile Webpage Editor’.

We’ll show you just how simple it is to create simple mobile landing pages you can attach to your text messages and extend them using as much text or graphics or tables you require.

To access mobile pages simply tick mobile pages in messenger and create a new page.

You can choose to preview the page either in an iPhone or blackberry display and you can rotate the phone to see your content vertical or horizontal.

Now, simply pick your background colour.

and using these simple controls you can enter text create tables, insert images, align your text and choose different font styles.

So, we are going to create a simple table with just one row and three columns

Simply select the position you want the image, select the gallery icon.

You can directly hot link to a url on your server too

for example …your server, forward slash your image,

or by clicking browse server you can select from images already in your gallery.

You can align images simply by selecting the image …and aligning it in the box

and you simply edit text as you would in a normal editor.

You can even personalise your landing page by inserting merge fields from your imported contacts data.

This means when your customer lands on your website the page will be personalised by pulling through the merged information directly onto the page.

So, we are going to add another table here

Select another image from our gallery

You can add as much text as you need

And inserting an image is as simple as clicking on image… browse server… pressing the upload button and navigating to the file on your computer.

And you can of course just place from your email application or your Word… or your website directly into this box.

When ready simply save your page

Each page comes with its own QR code which can be printed on your marketing material and scanned to take people directly to this landing page.

And of course it can be included when you send your text message to a group

Choose the sender name, type your message

And you can insert a link to your web page

…Choosing whether to enable mobile phone tracking so you know exactly who out of your contacts have clicked through onto the link

Scheduling if required

And off they go

You can view full statistics for each page simply by viewing all pages, and clicking view stats next to your page.

Here you can view page stats over time

The screen resolutions of those devices

and the type of mobile phone used to visit your page

You can export this data to CSV file and this will include details of which customers visited the page

So as you can see it is very simple to create mobile web pages that extend your text messages using text and graphics and you can track exactly which of these customers clicked through.

Don’t forget within Messenger you can click on ‘help’ at any time or, of course, you can always call our friendly Support Desk.

Thank you from the UK’s number One mobile messaging provider – Textlocal

Mobile, have you clicked yet…?