Inbound SMS Software API – Online video Tutorial

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This Tutorial is shows you how to receive text messages very easily to your web server

We use http post very simply post the variables directly onto your web server

We pass sender, which is the mobile phone number of the handset of the person texting in

We pass content, which is the text message content

And we pass inNumber, which is the mobile phone number the person texted to, be it a short code or a long dedicated telephone number

When you receive these variables, because they are posted behind the scenes to your server – you just store and process them

You can do this either by streaming out to a text file or by storing directly in your database

It really is all very simple

Once you receive the variables on your server you can store and process them as you choose, perhaps querying your database and replying back to our API accordingly

And maybe you would even use the standard (?) to identify customers in your database and respond with a bespoke message accordingly back through our outbound API

You could configure a unique forwarding URL for each inbox by going to our receive SMS online API section on Messenger, view inboxes, and for each inbox you simply press settings, select forward incoming messages to a URL

In the URL box you simply put the URL of your server

Followed by the receiver script name

If you are using an alternate port to the standard port 80, or SSL port 443, simply enter in the box

If you are using SSL simply tick the SSL box

And if you’re using HTTP security where you can enter a user name and password, simply enter it in this box

And that’s all that is required to receive text messages onto your server

Don’t forget within Messenger you can click on ‘help’ at any time or, of course, you can always call our friendly Support Desk.

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