How to send a Campaign video tutorial

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This Tutorial is for ‘SMS marketing – how to send’

We’ll show you a quick demo of how you can import contacts into Messenger and send out a mailmerge campaign in seconds.

Imagine you’re a Garage owner and you’re going to send out some MOT reminders for next month.

You would have an Excel spreadsheet much like this, with telephone numbers, first names, make of car and the date of the MOT.

Now, in Messenger you go to contacts, contact groups and create a new group.

We’ll give our group a name, June MOT.

The groups’ now created, here…

So we select the group…

To add numbers to the group, you simply press the add/paste/upload button where you are presented with three options…

You can add single numbers one at a time, complete with information…

You can paste a list of up to 50 thousand telephone numbers where the duplicates are removed…

Or you can upload an Excel spreadsheet…

So to add a single number just type it into the box…

Give the customer a name…

The make of car…

And the date of the MOT…

Add the contact to the system…

Now we can also paste numbers so you click add/paste/upload.

Select ‘paste list’ and in the box, paste the numbers you wish to send the message to, duplicates are removed…

Or you can import from Excel, so you click upload.

Choose your file

Here are the numbers, the first name of the customer, the make of car which we are going to put in our Custom 1 field.

The date of the MOT which we are going to put in our Custom 2 field.

Select import contacts and the customers are all brought into the system.

Now, to send a message to these people,

Hit the send button,

Select the group you wish to send the message to,

Select sender name, which is a word, now people can’t reply to a word,

Or, a number if you use our simple reply service, which allows people to reply back to your messages, we capture them in your inbox.

For now we are going to select the sender name Auto’s R Us and simply type the message into the box.

Hi Firstname, your, make of car, is due for an MOT on the, then insert the date. Please call any time on, your telephone number, to book our services.

You can schedule the message in advance so we’re going to send it out on 30th May at 10 in the morning.

When you’re ready simply press the send button, check everything looks OK.

You can see the name is there, the make of car, the date of the MOT.

You can skip through them looking at each item, everything looks fine, you simply press the send button.

And that’s how simple it is to send a message through Messenger.

Don’t forget within Messenger you can click on ‘help’ at any time or, of course, you can always call our friendly Support Desk.

Thank you from the UK’s number One mobile messaging provider – Textlocal

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