How to use Email to SMS

Our email to SMS gateway is perfect for sending an SMS text message to unlimited people reliably from any email software, server or CRM application. Simply create your Messenger account, enable email to SMS on your account and then send emails to “”. It really is that simple! Email to SMS is a hassle-free way to instantly contact customers, staff, members, family and friends, or respond to enquiries received from your mobile marketing promotions.

Check out our handy checklist for some simple steps to help make sure your SMS campaigns deliver real value and results.

How to Send Email to SMS Messages

activate email to sms

Enable Email to SMS

You must enable Email to SMS on your account prior to using this. Log in to your account, click on Settings, then Email to SMS, and check the Activate Email 2 SMS tickbox.

You may wish to have others sending Email to SMS messages too. To do this, on the right hand side of the Email to SMS settings window, select Add Another and you’ll be able to add multiple email addresses.


Simply put in your email bar

Basic email to SMS text

From your registered Messenger account email address, simply send an email to, from your registered Textlocal account address. To send from other addresses, select an alternative email address you set up earlier. With Email to SMS, your text messages can be up to 612 characters long. Bear in mind however that 160 characters costs one credit.

Add ## to mark the end of the SMS message

Mark end position (remove signature)

You can easily remove signatures or company footers from your email if you don’t want to include this in your email to text message. You can do this by including ## at the end of your message.

List of Textlocal group ID's

Sending to a group

You can send an Email to SMS message to a group of people you’ve already created on your Messenger account. To do this, send an email to where XXXX is the group ID you want to send to. You can find the ID of a group by clicking on View Group ID on the advanced section of the Reports page in your Messenger account.

Require password in subject field

Password security

Should you wish to, you can set a requirement to use a password for email to SMS via your Messenger > Email to SMS setting. You then add password=xxx to your subject line, where xxx is the password credentials you want to set.

Schedule your email to SMS

Schedule messages

As well as sending Email to SMS instantly, you can set a future date and time to send your messages. Simply set sched=2012-08-27-17-50-00 in the subject line and we will send the SMS text on the correct date and time.

Start position - email to SMS

Mark a start position

In some cases you may need to let us know where your message starts. If you need to, add #%# before your message.

Delivery report of SMS

Delivery reports

Using our Email to SMS feature provides you with the same reporting capabilities as a SMS text message. Full delivery reports are available in Messenger. To look at your Email to SMS reports, log in to Messenger and navigate to Reports > Email to SMS. Here, you can track the status of delivered, undelivered, and invalid numbers.

Sender name SMS

Custom sender names

Have your SMS text arrive on the recipients phone addressed from your name, company name or phone number. Either set as the default name in your Messenger Email to SMS settings, or set sender=xxxx on the subject line.