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Email to SMS Gateway – video tutorialHow to use an SMS gateway Watch our Online Mobile Marketing Virtual Tours

At Textlocal, we are a SMS gateway provider which allows you to enhance your customer interactions and boost your results by converting emails into bulk text messages. In this video tutorial, we look at how easy it is to complete tasks like this and aim to answer any questions you might have.

Highlights from our SMS gateway tutorial

Our tutorial is just over three minutes long and should contain all the information needed to create effectivemobile and text messaging campaigns. In this walkthrough, we discuss a variety of useful points, such as:

Sending messages to multiple recipients Gateway etiquette and securing data Utilising pre-created groups How to truncate messages However, to gain the full benefits from our tutorial, click on the embedded video below:

Welcome to Messenger Tutorials. These simple ‘show and tell’ guides will help you understand how easy it is to use our award-winning online platform Messenger.

This Tutorial is for ‘Email to SMS gateway’.

We’ll show you just how simple it is to send an email from your web site or server and have it converted into a text message.

When you sign-up for a Textlocal account you choose a default email address.

So to simply send an email from this address to any telephone number

To send to multiple recipients simply add them to the ‘To: line’.

The message text that you wish to the handset simply goes in the message body.

You end the message with two hash symbols to prevent the signature going out to the handsets.

Another way to send to multiple recipients is to send to a pre-created Textlocal group.

So you simply go to your contacts, contact groups, select a group and at the bottom of the list you will see the Textlocal Group ID.

You then simply add this group id to the ‘To: line’ of your email

You can also add ‘comma separated group id’s to the subject line by typing ‘group, equals’ then ‘comma’ separating the Group ID’s.

The sender name used for your email to SMS messages is determined by the default send name on your account.

This can be configured in the Settings, email to SMS.

The default from name is configured within this dropdown.

While we are here we can show you some of the other functionality…

If you wish your test messages to be truncated at 1, 2, 3 or 4 messages simply select this from the drop down here…

If you would like to include the subject line in your text messages simply select from this dropdown…

Or you can choose to ignore the subject line or only send the subject line.

You can password protect your email to SMS messages by ticking the ‘require password’ in subject field.

Then simply add ‘password equals your password’ to the subject line of the email.

If you wish to send email to SMS messages from alternate email addresses to your default account email address, simply add them here by adding new addresses, one per line…

And you can also set the ‘default sender name’ for each of these addresses in this drop down

So, as you can see, sending email to SMS messages through Messenger is very simple.

Don’t forget within Messenger you can click on ‘help’ at any time or, of course, you can always call our friendly Support Desk.

Thank you from the UK’s number One mobile messaging provider – Textlocal

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