Checking your delivery receipts

For each text message that you send, we can track the delivery status.  This is reported in the “Reports” section of Txtlocal.

The message statuses are:

  • ?: We are awaiting a delivery receipt
  • D: Delivered.  The message was successfully delivered to the handset.  The handset itself has reported that the message was received.  We do not get false positives.
  • I: Invalid.  The mobile number is either incorrectly formatted, or is not allocated to a mobile network. Outside of UK, if number has been ported between networks it may fail.
  • U: The message expired at the operator after the default 48 hour validity period. Either the phone is off, or roaming abroad.
  • E: The message expired at the operator after the validity period set upon transmission.

In the UK, these delivery statuses are ~100% accurate. Across Europe it is roughly 95%.  Other countries vary.