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Sending MMS online is the ideal way to grab the attention of your customers. Use it to include picture messages, audio files, video clips and other media in your communications. To see our MMS online services in action, text SHOWME to 66777 and we’ll send you our demo message.

Send MMS online

Send MMS online

Our multimedia messaging service allows you to easily send pictures, videos and audio files to your messages. Schedule bulk MMS sends to your customers to promote a new product launch, or inform.

We’ve pulled together 5 examples of how businesses can send MMS online for inspiration and other ways in which you can send a message containing visual assets.

Send more than 160 characters

You can send up to 765 characters and include one piece of multimedia content that is up to 300KB in file size all for the cost of 1 MMS credit. If you were to send the equivalent through SMS, it could consume 5 credits. Both MMS and SMS messaging have their own perks, but if you want to send visual content directly to the phones messaging inbox, you will need to use MMS credits.

Sending MMS is simple. You simply type your message, the same as you do for SMS, then upload your visual content. The difference being you buy MMS credits instead of SMS credits. You can analyse the performance of your campaigns with our built in the reporting tool.

How businesses can use online MMS

Whether you’re an estate agency or a car dealership, sending visual content online can make a real difference to your sales and customer experience. Sending picture messages of a car or new house listing grabs the attention of your customers far more than a plain text messaging. Whatever industry you’re in, the possibilities of online MMS are endless.

Estate agents

Estate agents

Receive offers and increase sales by sending images of new properties to potential buyers.

Car dealerships

Car dealers

Increase footfall to your showroom by sending a picture of your latest cars to your local customers.



Build up anticipation for seasonal sales by sending a picture of your discounted clothes racks.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars

Fill quiet periods by sending an image of an empty seat at a table with an extra SMS marketing message.

IT companies

IT companies

Save time and resource by sending your clients ‘how to’ videos demonstrating how they can fix simple IT issues.

Insurance claim

Insurance companies

Allow customers to send images to you to help support their claims and make it easier for you to assist them.

Create messages that stand out with MMS

Help your brand stand out against the competition and stay fresh in your customer’s eyes by sending quick and easy content. GIFs, short videos and audio files are great ways to communicate as they’re easily digestible by your audience.

You can improve your customer journey in a matter of minutes with a multimedia message containing a picture of an instructional video.

For more ideas or information on the costs of sending an MMS online, download our free guide.

Features of sending MMS online with Textlocal

Upload any JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, AMR, WAV, MIDI, MID, RMF, MP3, 3GPP or MP4 file.

Send MMS online using our award-winning platform.

Send a message to groups or individuals.

Send dynamic messages and attach videos, animations and more.

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