Time is Ltd Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Textlocal work with Time Is Ltd. (TIL) on their product JayBee, to help individuals with a wide variety of illnesses and varying degrees of disability to communicate both audibly and instantly with the outside world.


The Textlocal platform became a vital extension to the JayBee system allowing users not only to send text messages instantly to mobile phones, but to receive the responses back into JayBee.

It works by allowing any of the phrases the user would normally speak, or so called instant phrases such as ‘Come quickly I need help now’ to be sent through Textlocal’s automatic interface (API Gateway) and the response from the recipient is retrieved from the same Gateway and displayed in JayBee.

The Textlocal and JayBee systems work in harmony with each other so that SMS replies can be sent back to the user and a text conversation can take place, giving freedom and power to the user to be in touch with the world.


  • People who don’t have the ability to speak, can still communicate effectively and instantly
  • JayBee with SMS empowers those with a speaking disease to achieve a higher quality of life through instant communication

The seamless integration of Textlocal mobile media services into JayBee has produced a most powerful product which will be of immense help to those who lose the ability to speak.

—Time is Ltd

  • Time is Ltd – Immense help to those who lose the ability to speak