Textlocal Retail Sector Case Studies: Business SMS For Retail

Boost sales and increase customer loyalty with text messaging

Our broad featured services and high specification infrastructure allow retail businesses to radically improve their customer communications with the single most effective direct marketing medium – SMS. SMS messaging ensures that important information and exciting deals reach consumers in the most direct and easy to digest manner possible; 97.5% of SMS messages are opened within 5 seconds of being received, and 90% of participants in an SMS campaign felt that they had gained value from doing so.

So, retail businesses can send their most recent product information, reminders of upcoming sales, and even instantly redeemable coupons direct to receptive consumers; providing them with extra value while simultaneously building brand loyalty.

The beauty of the system that we operate at Textlocal is that it’s so easy to collect and sort contacts; making it easy to focus campaigns on the demographic groups that will benefit most from them!

Mobile vouchers

Send exclusive, trackable vouchers to your opted-in customers via a text message. Mobile vouchers are highly customisable and can include an expiry date, to drive sales and footfall.

SMS loyalty schemes

Beat the battle for wallet space with a loyalty card that can be stored on your customers’ mobiles and easily redeemed through Messenger or the Textlocal app.

Automatic SMS notifications

With some simple integration between your database or CRM system and your Messenger account, text messages can be automatically sent to individuals to confirm orders, delivery statuses, ‘back in stock’ arrivals and click and collect information in real time.

Mobile websites

Create and host a fully branded mobile web page, free of charge – ideal for small businesses. Trackable short links will show exactly who clicks through to your page.

Attach product information or flyers

Make your text messages more effective by including a range of rich media as links – to sales videos, product information, store leaflets, directions to your shop and much more.

Track customer satisfaction

Gather customer feedback by sending them a mobile optimised form or survey. The unparalleled open rate of SMS means you’re guaranteed a better completion rate than other survey methods.

Build up your customer database

Use a short code and keyword in store and in your advertising to quickly build a list of opt-in contacts ready to receive your communications.

Drive traffic to your website

Increase visits to your website or followers for your social media pages by including links in your campaigns and tracking click throughs.

Send your SMS anywhere, any time

With Email to SMS, software integration and our popular Messenger app, there’s no need for you to be sitting in front of our website when you plan your campaigns. With text scheduling you make sure the messages go at the right time.

GAME case study

Download our latest retail case study from highstreet brand GAME.

Download GAME Case Study

We are already seeing excellent results with increased sales and happier customers.

—Sally Jackson, Customer Service and Retail Manager

  • The Entertainer – Increased sales and happier customers

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