Mobile messaging for charities and 3rd sector

Save time and money using text messaging for your charity

Regardless of the charity in question, any given marketing campaign is only as effective as the consumers that see it; even the most worthwhile cause is doomed to failure and obscurity if the public is unaware of the key facts and associated details. This is where bulk SMS messaging comes in. SMS for community groups offers an extremely easy means for important information and data to be fed directly to consumers. And when we say directly, we really do mean directly; send a text to 50 people and it will arrive in 5 seconds and be opened in the next 5 – how much longer would it take to contact that same 50 by phone? Or how long would it take them to receive and read an email? Save your staff and volunteers time and huge costs by incorporating SMS into your communications, helping them to spend time on the things that really matter.

In order to maximise the effectiveness and reach of your charity’s marketing campaigns, mobile marketing offers the best return of investment in terms of both your marketing spend and time; the easy inclusion of attachments and links means that the public can also quickly act on the information you provide!

Save call times with a text

A quick message to your database can prompt donations from previous supporters more quickly and effectively than a phone call

Provide accurate information

Allow people to search for their nearest donation centre or local charity service using our SMS postcode lookup service

Send alerts to supporters

Important information can be quickly disseminated throughout the community or your supporters with a short text message.

Increase event sign-ups

Increase attendance at fundraising events with promotional messages sent to your opted-in database.

Thank your donors

Keep your supporters engaged and make them feel good about their donation with a quick follow up thank you text.

Increase gift aid donations

Remind donors they can include gift aid in any donations they have made by including a link to a mobile form to submit their details.

Build an opt-in database

Build a database of contacts interested in the work your charity or community group does by including a short code and keyword in your advertising.

Link to social media

Synchronise your outgoing messages with your social media pages to provide a consistent message across all channels.

Drive website traffic

Include a Textlocal short link in your messages to send followers to your website and track to see how many recipients followed the link.

Download Greenpeace Case Study

Download our Greenpeace case study

Download Greenpeace Case Study

SMS has increased the number of contacts to our helpline services and so made a real difference to vulnerable children helping to keep them safe


  • Safe@Last – increased number of contacts to our helpline services