Watch Luigi use Textlocal in this video

Welcome to local town

A small town where there is a lot going on

Lots of small businesses doing lots of business

Everyone is always busy all of the time, but why?

Lets find out!

Take Luigi here, who runs a rather lovely Italian restaurant

Hello Luigi, hows business?

Oh dear, not many booking’s for tonight then?

What can you do about that?

Ahh of course, Textlocal can help

Luigi is sending a text message to all the customers on his opt-in list, offering the a free bottle of wine if they dine at his restaurant tonight

and winning business with Textlocal doesn’t cost as much as you might think

Using Textlocal is simple, all you need to do is get customers to opt-in to your list

One way or another

Then just go to the Textlocal website to get started…

It’s free to join, there’s no subscription, no minimum quantity and no limit to what you can do with your texts.

For example, little reminders by text, can be really effective

and Textlocal can let your customers know what’s in stock or what’s going fast.

Text messages are opened in seconds and always read, unlike emails or letters

and because your only texting people who want to hear from you, the response can be amazing

So if you want to get your message across in the easiest, cheapest and most effective way try Textlocal and get your message across today!