Mobile surveys and forms for garages

Collecting customer and vehicle information is about to become a lot simpler!

What are mobile surveys and forms?

A mobile form is a page that can be accessed on a mobile phone, rendering to the appropriate size so it can be easily filled in. It’s sent to the recipient via a link in a text message, so there are two benefits; the unbeatable delivery rates of SMS and the simplicity of completing a form on a mobile device.

This is a simple and effective way for you to reach customers, and it’s often much quicker for a busy customer to send a quick text than to make a call. With the mobile surveys tool, you can add your own logos, add in personalised customer information, and tailor your questions as much as you like, to give your customers a first-class experience.

Benefits for garages

Some of our other clients take advantage of the survey feature in our platform to gather information from customers, giving them an easy and simple way to tell them:

  • Their preferred date to book in for MOT, service and repairs
  • Giving customer feedback
  • Confirming details like registration number, mileage and MOT due date
  • Confirming post MOT if advisories have been carried out – and do they want to book in
  • Giving information of additional vehicles in the household to increase potential future bookings

Your 'how-to' guide

We’ve put together this simple guide to take you through the survey tool, step by step. We also provide one-to-one demonstrations at a time that’s good for you!

Download Guide

SMS has really helped us increase the number of MOT appointments at the garage. It’s cheap, easy and very convenient to use.

—Jim Belt, MOT Shop

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