Improve your communications and streamline services with SMS

The safe and secure way to send appointment reminders, updates and educational content

Text messaging is an easy and effective way to send important personalised messages to individuals or large groups. Whether you want to inform students and parents of school closures, or send hospital appointment reminders to a patient – SMS is a smart and quick way to improve communications, streamline your services and keep people informed. Especially when over 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received.

Four reasons why you should use SMS

Integrate your existing system

Using our API gateaway, you can integrate with your existing management software for automated, event driven SMS sends.

Save time by sending bulk text messages

Include a link to a specific page, so you can send multiple people to a page containing more information on a subject. By doing this, you’ll be able to track who has clicked on the link and cut down time spent trying to communicate the message.

Keep your database informed and satisfied

Attach documents such as timetables and planned closure dates to your text messages. Or send out instant surveys, so you can collate feedback and improve your services.

Improve efficiency and reduce phone calls

Reduce missed appointments and time spent on unnecessary phone calls, by instantly sending reminders and important information in a text message.

Discover how organisations across all industries can best utilise SMS for business communications

How schools use text messaging

Compose and send cost effective messages to individuals or groups in seconds using our online platform, or through our email to SMS service.

  • Integrate our online text messaging platform with your school’s database
  • Send parents and students automatic alerts and reminders for unauthorised absences, trips, cancellations, payments and closures

How healthcare organisations use text messaging

From sending out a simple appointment reminder, to notifying customers that their prescription is ready to collect, text messaging helps you improve your services and efficiency levels. You can:

  • Reduce missed appointments and save money by sending out quick reminders
  • Attach healthcare information to encourage people to quit smoking or streamline the way that you deliver updates
  • Alert patients to available test results, so that they don’t have to travel in and collect them

How local authorities use text messaging

SMS platform offers an accessible and cost effective solution for local authorities – ideal for emergency planning.

  • Send automatic text message alerts to keep your community fully updated with real time information
  • Send flood warnings or road closure alerts
  • Remind residents with refuse and recycling messages

Try our free online platform today

Creating, sending and receiving text messages online is easier than ever. Use our free how to wizard for guidance on adding contacts and sending your first SMS.

Alternatively, we have a range of how to guides available and a world class support team waiting to answer your questions today.

The protection of your data is paramount to us

We’ve taken every step to ensure your data and privacy are always protected. We provide text messaging services to the NHS, the UK Government, local authorities, and other public services.

Our online platform is also hosted in a precision environment. Textlocal holds ISO 27001 certification, and as part of Cisco is included in the corporate ISO 9001 certificate. Cisco is committed to protecting the environment and holds ISO 14001 certification.

Send a text message without lifting a finger

Campaign Services can deliver end-to-end SMS services. Our dedicated team of UK based mobile developers and campaign managers can plan, design, execute and report on campaigns.

Our partnership with Textlocal has been incredibly helpful. Their team immediately understood how important it is for us to get candidates’ results to them quickly and efficiently on the morning of results day. The Textlocal team worked collaboratively with us throughout the planning process to ensure that their systems were ready, tested, and proven well in advance.

—Stuart Davidson, SQA

  • SQA – Our partnership with Textlocal has been incredibly helpful