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Adverse weather conditions, public health concerns and road closures can all have a potential impact on the workforce, business continuity and customers. Information is key, so arming your staff and customers with the most up to date facts through SMS alerts can really lessen the impact and keep people safe.

Sharing amended opening times, temporary closures or cancellation alerts can both reassure and enable all recipients to adapt their plans with minimal inconvenience.

Keeping customers up to date as things happen via a simple text message can also reduce the number of inbound calls, improving satisfaction during a potentially disruptive period as well as freeing up staff to focus on more pressing issues.

Check out our handy checklist for some simple steps to help make sure your SMS campaigns deliver real value and results.

Emergency SMS use cases

Here are some top use cases of how SMS can be used in an emergency

Templated messages

To assist with faster sending or responses, create and save templated messages that can be used by the whole team. Templated messages are ideal for responding to FAQs or to advise customers of potential delays during busier periods. Your business can also ensure the accuracy of information, which is particularly important across urgent messages or alerts.


Share updated opening times, alternative routes and even parking availability as downloadable attachments. Ensure all users are not only aware of up to date information but provide details of contingency access plans. Customers and staff can also refer back to the updated information as needed.

Scheduled sends

Timing your SMS sends helps to ensure important alerts arrive at a time they’re more likely to be read and absorbed fully. For example, any unexpected closures should be communicated as early as possible to avoid users from making unnecessary journeys.

Include links

Including only the most important information in your SMS content removes any potential for confusion. Recipients can focus on the point of your alert rather than next steps. For those who might need further information, you can include links to additional advice, timetables or support within the message itself.

Two-way conversations

The ability to communicate in real-time with your users following an emergency alert can offer much–needed clarity, support and calm. Often recipients will have questions about next steps, which can easily be answered via an automatic SMS response, or individual responses via a virtual mobile number or email to SMS gateway.

Delivery you can count on

SMS is one of the most reliable and secure mobile messaging channels. Using SMS to share urgent alerts, businesses can rely on the channel’s universal usability with all devices and users being able to access and respond as needed.

Start sending SMS alerts today 

Creating, sending and receiving text messages online is simple with our online tool, Messenger. Even if you’re in the midst of a crisis and need to get alerts out imminently, your account only takes seconds to set up and runs on a pay-as-you-go basis, so there’s no contracts or commitment.

The team are ready to support you and make sure your emergency communications are sent quickly and efficiently. We also have a range of support guides to get you started.

Download Why SMS Guide

Discover the broader benefits of SMS for your business. In our recent Why SMS guide, we explore the plethora of ways mobile messaging can improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Download the guide here to explore the potential of SMS.

For further information on how your business can benefit from emergency SMS notifications speak with the team today.