A connected mobile gambling customer experience

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Mobile gambling is shaping the future of the industry and your customer experience

The evolution of smartphones and additional mobile technologies have enabled consumers to gamble from any location at any time. This transformation of experience has created an even broader opportunity for gambling operators to connect with and retain their increasingly mobile-focused customers.

To support customers from this growing market, gambling operators need a mobile customer experience that engages users with instant, personalised content. Interactive messaging is key to supporting the online journey of the ever-expanding number of mobile gamblers, in turn creating a loyal base of repeat purchase customers.

Experts in mobile communications

Benefits of Interactive Messaging

Interactive messaging combines customer engagement with the real-time satisfaction that mobile-first consumers have come to expect. Most importantly by meeting this expectation, operators create a more valuable customer experience, encouraging retention in an increasingly competitive market.

Using a mobile messaging channel like SMS enables gambling operators to instantly approve new users with secure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), share personalised offers, confirm payments and gather vital user data.

Multichannel communications

To support the customer experience that mobile gamblers now expect, operators are utilising multichannel communications. Digital messaging has the ability to create connected online journeys, driving engagement across apps and websites through in-platform quick actions.

Textlocal supports several messaging channels, creating conversations with your customers across SMS, RCS, In-App, Push notifications, live chat and more. Automation and triggered alerts, along-side in-play, real-time communications are opening new opportunities across the industry.

Integrating Textlocal’s SMS solution with Optimove

The API based integration combines the power and reach of Optimove with the industry-leading features of Textlocal’s Messenger. Users of Optimove can seamlessly create and send personalised SMS without the need to leave the CRM system.

Once integrated, Optimove users can incorporate the reach and security of SMS into their existing marketing strategies for more successful, pre-planned marketing campaigns without the need to operate two separate systems.

Secure and seamless SMS

The opportunities of SMS for gambling operators are unrivalled, the channel provides security for two-factor authentication whilst offering personalised and engaging content. SMS also enables two-way conversations with Dedicated Inbound Numbers and Keyword to Short Codes, offering instant registrations, access to information and attachments.

Using our SMS API, the direct channel can be easily integrated into your existing system or CRM, enabling gambling operators to send and automate highly personalised messages using just one system.

The connected gambling experience

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