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Mcommerce is shaping the future of the industry and your customer experience

The ever-increasing uptake of smartphones and their influence on the shopping experience is changing the way consumers go about their everyday shopping, researching and price comparing well in advance of an actual purchase.

More consumers than ever are shopping using their mobile device, the question is, how can businesses better engage with these customers and ensure their carefully crafted campaigns aren’t lost in the noise of marketing?

Creating awareness of your event and offers is pivotal to success and this is where SMS can really make an impact, with 48% of people open to the receiving promotional messages and a further 60% being happy to receive vouchers via the channel.

Experts in mobile communications

Benefits of Interactive Messaging

Interactive messaging combines customer engagement with the real-time satisfaction that mobile-first consumers have come to expect. Most importantly by meeting this expectation, retailers create a more valuable customer experience, encouraging retention in an increasingly competitive market.

Using a mobile messaging channel like SMS enables retailers to manage where is my order requests, send confirmations, share personalised offers and gather vital user data.

Multichannel communications

To support the customer experience that mobile shoppers now expect, retailers are utilising multichannel communications. Digital messaging has the ability to create connected online journeys, driving engagement across apps and websites through in-platform quick actions.

Textlocal supports several messaging channels, creating conversations with your customers across SMS, RCS, In-App, Push notifications, live chat and more. Automation and triggered alerts, along-side real-time communications are opening new opportunities across the retail industry.

The most useful SMS

One-way, service or information-based texts are viewed as the most useful by consumers. These include delivery updates, appointment and booking reminders, order confirmations, and date reminders.

Marketing-based texts with a call to action, are considered useful by up to 49% of mobile users and include personalised vouchers, discounts and promotions. Furthermore, 39% of users rated customer loyalty programs delivered via SMS as among the most helpful.

Secure and seamless messaging

The opportunities of SMS for retailers both on and offline are unrivalled, the channel seamlessly manages where is my order enquiries whilst offering personalised and engaging content. SMS also enables two-way conversations with Dedicated Inbound Numbers and Keyword to Short Codes, supporting the sending of account information and PDF brochures.

Using our SMS API, the direct channel can be easily integrated into your existing system or CRM, enabling retailers to send and automate highly personalised messages using just one system.

The connected retail experience

Discover how to best leverage digital messaging channels and the smartphone with our latest retail industry guide.

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