Optimove SMS Integration

Increase customer engagement and spend with Optimove

Optimove helps businesses retain and develop customers by identifying the most effective marketing campaign and channel for each recipient. The platform analyses the different marketing channels your business use, and how individual customers respond to your messages to suggest the optimum marketing experience for each contact. The Textlocal and Optimove integration helps increase customer engagement by delivering personalised retention campaigns via SMS.

How the Optimove integration works

Users create customisable messages in their Textlocal Messenger account, adding in elements such as attachments, links and vouchers to maximise customer engagement.

Optimove performs its analysis and instructs Textlocal to send particular messages out to specified contacts. Each Optimove contact has a unique ID which is mapped to a contact in Textlocal. Textlocal uses this ID to securely retrieve custom information from Optimove. This information is merged into SMS templates – sending personalised messages to each contact. To complete the loop, SMS reports are then fed back into Optimove.

What are the benefits of the Optimove integration?

IMIconnect Multichannel API

The API based integration combines the power and reach of Optimove with the industry-leading features of Textlocal’s Messenger. Users of Optimove can seamlessly create and send personalised SMS without the need to leave the CRM system.

Easily Integrate | IMIconnect & Textlocal

Once integrated, Optimove users can incorporate the reach and security of SMS into their existing marketing strategies for more successful, pre-planned marketing campaigns without the need to operate two separate systems.

Single Low Code Environment

Using Optimove’s customer modelling system, marketers are able to easily define and discover interesting groups of customers to target – groups that the company’s marketers wouldn’t have been able to identify and target otherwise

Rapid integration | IMIconnect & Textlocal

Unlike other providers, Textlocal supports multi-lingual campaigns. The Textlocal software can be used to create sub-campaigns translated into various languages on your behalf.

Download our extensive guide to learn how to configure Optimove with Textlocal.

The Process

  1. Sign up for an account with Textlocal and Optimove.
  2. Create a customer contact group in your Textlocal account.
  3. Prepare customer data for import into Optimove, with support from internal IT staff and Optimove integration teams.
  4. Define the sender name for text messages sent by Optimove.
  5. Connect Optimove to the Textlocal API.
  6. Select a text message template.
  7. Optimove will create a Textlocal “segment” which contains the list of customer IDs to receive the text message.
  8. Optimove instructs Textlocal to send the text message.
  9. Optimove connects to the Textlocal API to retrieve delivery rate metrics for the campaign.

We’re here to help you get started with your Textlocal and Optimove integration. Create your account or contact the team today and we’ll be more than happy to help.