Interact with your customers via one multichannel API

Customers’ expectations are changing. Meet those needs with IMIconnect API Gateway.

Consumers use a growing number of messaging channels in their personal lives to communicate with friends and family. As a result of this personal use, customers want to use these same digital channels to interact with businesses too. Businesses are having to adapt their digital messaging strategy to meet these customer expectations.

As this consumer demand evolves, it can be difficult for your business to manage your customer’s expectations across multiple messaging platforms.

The solution? A single messaging API for managing your customer communications across multiple channels and multiple touch points.

Read how IMIconnect radically improved response rates for this housing sector business.

Seamless channel integration

IMIconnect Multichannel API

Enterprise-grade API

Integrating messaging applications with IMIconnect API Gateway couldn’t be easier. IMIconnect is a multichannel API that allows your business to reach customers over SMS, social, push, voice, messaging apps, and more. The API provides out of the box access to 10+ channels, and removes the complexities of linking up multiple communication channels with multiple internal systems.

Single Low Code Environment

Single, low-code environment

The IMIconnect multichannel API is pre-integrated with external digital messaging platforms and telephone networks, and removes the overheads of working with multiple communication vendors. The platform provides a single, low-code environment for centralised development, deployment and management of all your digital communications.

Easily Integrate | IMIconnect & Textlocal

Future proofed messaging

As your communications strategy evolves it is easy to add more messaging channels to your mix, or to connect up additional internal systems.  IMIconnect simplifies this process, with zero disruptions to existing services. In addition, we are continually working with leading technologies such as RCS and Apple Business Chat to introduce the latest messaging capabilities to the platform. This means IMIconnect is a solution for the future as well as today.

Rapid integration | IMIconnect & Textlocal

Rapid integration and deployment

Customer communication is vital to any business, and IMIconnect makes it easy to meet this demand. The enterprise-grade API platform is designed with an intuitive interface to reduce the time and complexity of integrating and managing messaging applications. This allows you to rapidly integrate with your own platforms and start sending messages to your customers on the channels they use the most.

IMIconnect Gateway API - download guide

Learn more about IMIconnect API Gateway

For more information and insight into how IMIconnect API Gateway can integrate with your business to automate multichannel customer journey download our guide.

About IMIconnect

About IMIconnect

With the various message integrations out in the market what makes IMIconnect’s solution different? It is simple, all integrations whether it be from a delivery or commercial perspective are centralised in one platform. This allows for simple, easy and effective management of your business’s integrations.

Textlocal is proud to deliver IMIconnect – a solution from our parent company, IMImobile. Through IMImobile, Textlocal customers have access to a suite of enterprise-grade solutions. These can transform a business’s digital journey and help them deliver a true customer-centric service.

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