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Being there for your customers during the disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is essential for all businesses. The emphasis on real-time updates and direct communication has never been greater and SMS is playing a huge role in keeping providers across the utilities sector connected with their customer base.

Utilising the reach and power of SMS, utility providers can ensure essential customer interactions continue safely and securely. Whether that’s gathering meter readings, sending scheduled reminders or organising repairs, SMS can make a real difference. To help businesses within this industry maintain their customer support, we’re offering a free keyword on one of our short numbers.

How SMS can help your business

 Here are some of the top use cases on how SMS can be used to support your business.

Scheduled reminders

Sending helpful reminder messages can help to keep customers on track with meter reading submissions. Similarly, monthly updates help customers understand their usage, particularly during this time when the majority are staying at home.

Include short links and attachments

SMS attachments are ideal for safely sharing monthly bills, avoiding potential risks with paper statements whilst still ensuring security and delivery. Helpful links can also be included within your messages, directing customers to additional support and information.

Surveys and forms

SMS surveys and forms can make submitting meter readings even simpler for your customers. With no need to go online or find an account number, users can simply fill out the necessary fields within the SMS form.

Manage inbound volumes

With staff numbers also impacted by the recent changes and social distancing measures, managing inbound volumes can be made easier by utilising SMS, whether that’s for two-way customer communication or using a keyword on a short number. Customers can use a keyword to register a fault or request a call-back, with the enquiry being picked up by the next available agent.

Start using your free keyword today

Once you’ve set up your Textlocal account, we’ll automatically assign a free keyword for you to use. We’ll also add a second keyword that is more relevant to your business and its customers, just let us know what would work best.

Setting up an account is simple and only the work of a few moments. If you have any questions, our team of experts are on hand to help. For existing customers within the utility industry, we’ll also ensure the keyword of your choice is added to your account.

Download Why SMS Guide

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