Supporting the Retail industry 

Textlocal is here to help your business

As the retail industry begins to open its doors once again, shops of all sizes are adapting to the new way of serving their customers. For all retailers, effectively communicating changes to hours and safety rules is key to getting back to what they do best.

Making customers aware of new procedures before they arrive is an important aspect of maintaining the safety of both staff and visitors. SMS is helping businesses across the retail sector reconnect with their customers, sharing the latest updates, offers and opening hours in real-time.

To support stores and shops during the transition period, we’re offering a free keyword of your choice on one of our short numbers. Promote your new keyword in your shop window, across social channels and your website to build customer lists and enable people to opt-in to hear more about your business.

Helping you get back to business with SMS 

 Here are some of the top use cases on how SMS can be used to support your business.

Build customer lists

Utilise an SMS keyword on a short number to connect with customers new and existing. Once you have a list of opted-in customers you can share offers and updates with an audience who wants to hear more about your business.

Bulk SMS sends 

As things change so quickly in the current situation, SMS can help you keep customers up to date in real-time. Share opening hours, safety advice or the latest information as well as letting others know you’re back in business in a single send.

Attachments and links

Share even more information with your customers by attaching PDF price lists or promotions. Additional links and attachments are also ideal for sharing safety advice without clouding the message content.

Rewards and benefits 

What better way to welcome back your customers than with an offer? Whether it’s a storewide sale or an in-store exclusive freebie, SMS is the ideal way to spread the word and encourage customers and increase footfall.

Start using your free keyword today

You can be up and running with a Textlocal account in just a few minutes. As soon as you’ve activated your account you’re ready to start sending and our team of dedicated support staff are on hand to answer any questions.

To start using your free keyword, you simply need to let us know which word would work best for your business. We’ll check the availability and assign it to your new account.

Download our Why SMS Guide

Discover the broader benefits of SMS for your retail business. In our recent Why SMS guide, we explore the numerous ways mobile messaging can improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Download the guide here to explore the potential of SMS.

Need any help? Get in touch with the team to discuss how we can support you.

Download our Back to Business guide

Discover the broader benefits of SMS for your business by downloading our recent Back To Business guide. We explore the numerous ways mobile messaging can improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.