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During the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought, we realise that clubs and businesses like yours have had to change the way they offer their services. By switching to online-only classes and sessions, businesses are looking for a way to easily share their new way of working with members and SMS has played a huge part in that.

Supporting clubs and groups such as yours to achieve this is our main priority during this challenging period, so we’re offering all customers within the fitness and sports industry a free keyword on one of our short codes. Whether you’re a local karate club or self-employed PT, SMS can play a vital role in building a list of members who want to hear from you.

How can SMS support your business?

Here are some of the top use cases on how SMS can be used to maintain memberships.

Share real-time updates 

Keep members up to date with your status and the steps you are taking to continue services. Whether that means moving classes online, sharing pre-recorded workouts or offering postponed memberships.

Progress check-ins

Keep members motivated with weekly check-in sessions and share success stories with others in your class or group to maintain a sense of community. Using a virtual mobile number any member of staff can pick up and respond to messages without using their personal number.

Send attachments and links 

Attach new programmes and routines with pre-set targets to ensure your members continue their progress. Share links to online live sessions or pre-recorded workouts to offer variety and a sense of inclusion.

Keyword on a short code

Enable people to register for at-home services and be included on your outbound communications. Share your chosen keyword on social media pages, your website or on location so people can register for specific services, for example, ‘Text BALLET to 60777’.

Surveys and forms 

Using a mobile survey, your members can select alternative timeslots for personal sessions or online classes. These forms can also be used to gather interest in at-home services, especially for those who are struggling to maintain the same level of progress to request more support.

Bulk sends

A bulk message to your contact base is the quickest way to share the latest update, whether that’s a new class timetable or revised opening times. Using SMS ensures all your contacts receive the update, reaching users of all abilities and devices.

Start using your free keyword today

You can set up a Textlocal account in just a few moments and most importantly, our dedicated team are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Every Textlocal account is assigned a free keyword automatically, we’ll be adding a second that resonates more with your group- just let us know what you’d like that to be. For existing Textlocal customers, we’ll get the keyword of your choice added to your current account.

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