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Businesses across the hair and beauty industry have been dramatically affected by the restrictions of recent months but with the latest Government guideline advice, hope is on the horizon. Many salons have begun putting plans into action and as your business begins the journey back to doing what you do best, we know customer communication is paramount.

This is where SMS can and is making a real difference for businesses across the health and beauty sector as re-opening dates become more certain. Whether you need to share new opening hours and safety measures or promote waiting lists to help manage the influx of appointment requests, SMS can help.

To support businesses like yours within the hair and beauty industry, we’re offering a free keyword of your choice on one of our short numbers. Using a keyword on a short number, customers can opt-in to hear more about your business and keep up to date with the latest news.

Helping you get back to business with SMS

Here are some of the top use cases on how SMS can be used to support your business.

Enable customers to join the waiting list

Use a keyword on a short number to build a list of customers who would like an appointment. This way appointments can be booked fairly, and staff aren’t faced with an influx of calls or walk-ins once the doors are open.

Bulk SMS Sends

Use a single send to let all your existing customers know that you’re back up and running. You can also let people know new opening hours as well as sharing additional safety measures that have been put in place.

Attachments and Links

Share price lists and available services with customers as SMS attachments. Reduced staff and hours might mean not all treatments are on offer as normal, PDFs can be attached to your SMS sends to share other essential information before customers attend an appointment.

Appointment reminders with a difference

Appointment reminders have always been a staple for the industry but it’s now even more important to check in with customers before they arrive. Scheduled reminder messages can confirm those who have a booking are well enough to attend and help to re-allocate slots where needed.

Manage inbound enquiries

Automatic SMS responses make it easy to keep track of inbound enquiries as well as providing customers with the assurance that their request has been received. Utilise the automatic-response to share price lists and safety advice, as well as recording booking requests.

Rewards and benefits

Given that it’s been so long since you could welcome customers into your salon, why not start things off with a reward? Whether it’s an introductory offer for new bookings or a bundle booking promotion, SMS can help you share the good news and track the responses.

Start using your free keyword today

Setting up a Textlocal account is quick and simple, meaning you’re able to start sending in no time. A free keyword will automatically be assigned to your new account. To add the free keyword of your choice, all you need to do is let us know what would work best for you. We’ll check the availability and assign it to your new account.

If you have any questions about setup or sending your first SMS, our team of experts are on hand to help.

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