Supporting the Finance industry 

Textlocal is here to help your business

One of the biggest commonalities during the upheaval of COVID-19 is uncertainty. For those within the finance industry, the priority is supporting customers and SMS is proving hugely successful in communicating key advice with those in need.

To ensure financial providers can continue supporting customers, we’re offering all businesses within this industry a free keyword on one of our short numbers. Your customers will be able to reach out and request balance updates, advice or application forms without increasing inbound call volumes.

How SMS can help your business

 Here are some of the top use cases on how SMS can be used to support your business.

Cost-effective bulk messaging

Connect with your entire database using SMS to send bulk updates. Share opening hours and other important information about accessing your services. SMS is also a cost-effective way to share helpful attachments and links with large groups.

Reduce admin 

With colleagues and staff also impacted by the recent changes, SMS can help to reduce the amount of admin required for financial providers. Two-factor authentication, forms and surveys, gather feedback can all be better managed through SMS.

Automated reminders and updates 

In much the same way, using SMS to schedule automated payment reminders or balance updates can lighten the load of existing resources. SMS is also a more effective method of sharing these updates with customers able to read the message and make payments or take action using just one device.

Real-time communication

One of the biggest benefits of SMS is the real-time nature of its interaction. Textlocal’s Messenger is able to connect your business with customers instantly, using two-way SMS to have direct conversations with those who need additional support.

Manage inbound volumes 

During a time where call volumes are on the rise, SMS can help to reduce this traffic and re-direct customers to self-service options where possible. This ensures your team are working as efficiently as possible.

Provide access to advice and support 

A keyword on a short number is one of the quickest ways for a customer to connect with your business, whether that’s requesting information, advice or sharing feedback on services. Responses can also be automated to confirm the request has been received and then picked up by the next available agent.

Start using your free keyword today

Get set up and sending in moments with our straightforward registration process. Once you’ve signed up we’ll automatically assign your new account with a free keyword. We’ll also be adding a second keyword, one that has more resonance with your customers- just let the team know what this could be.

For existing Textlocal customers, we’ll also ensure the keyword of your choice is added to your current account.

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Need more help? Get in touch with the team to discuss how we can support your business.

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