Weston Cosmetic Clinic Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Weston Cosmetic Clinic, based in Stoke-on-Trent, is run by a team of highly qualified cosmetic doctors, surgeons and nurse practitioners, providing safe, high quality treatments.

Missed appointments proved to be costly to the business, so SMS was introduced as a direct communication method that would be well received by customers.


Text message reminders are sent to the customer the day prior to their appointment via the Messenger platform. Using the same message template each time, the time and date are the only elements to change. A 158 character message as simple as this has reduced the clinics missed appointments dramatically:

‘Appointment confirmation [insert date] at [insert time]. We look forward to your visit. If not convenient please contact the clinic on 01782461079. Weston Cosmetic Clinic.’

Customers have personally commented that had it not been for the text message, the would not have remembered to turn up to the appointment.


By notifying existing customers of upcoming seasonal events and special offers, additional interest is generated, leading to more bookings.


  • Decrease in missed appointments
  • Keeps clients aware of offers and updates

The Textlocal system offers everything we need and works really well in reducing our missed appointments.

—Elizabeth Taperek, Weston Cosmetic Clinic

  • Weston Cosmetic Clinic – reducing our missed appointments