Warner Property Services Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


With over 15 years’ experience, Warner Property Services Ltd are a property inspection company specialising in conducting tenant inventories, routine property maintenance inspections and check outs across the UK.


Warner Property Services initially turned to Textlocal to improve their communication with clients. They needed a solution that would improve appointment scheduling and reminders while increasing employee productivity in a cost-effective way.

With a requirement to set up over 1,500 appointments each month, calling each individual client became extremely time consuming and sending blanket emails was getting minimal response so a more effective communication process was needed.

Warner Property Services were also looking to improve customer engagement levels following low response rates via traditional communication methods such as post or email. The general feedback has been that customers often miss emails as they receive too many and post slows the process down.


Warner Property Services began reaching over 2,000 clients a month via SMS to set up appointments and communicate with their clients in a faster, more personal fashion. Not only are messages being sent to remind and schedule appointments, but they extended the SMS use for other queries such as information gathering and keeping clients up to date with progress and services.

Using the Simple Reply Service also opened up the opportunity for two-way conversation resulting in not only a quick response but significantly improving the process in relation to cancellations, re-arrangements and appointment confirmations.

The Results

Sending appointments and reminders by SMS has streamlined the progress significantly. Warner Property Services estimate that productivity has improved by 20% by reducing the amount of staff hours required to reach customers individually.

With a successful uptake in responses they have not only been speaking to more customers than before, but they have increased productivity by freeing up their time to conduct more visits than their competitors.