Tribal Education Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Tribal Education are a leading provider of e-learning projects, working with learners from a variety of backgrounds, including young adult learners without formal qualifications. Courses are typically focusing on functional skills and apprenticeships on behalf of some major high street clients.


  • Facilitate contact with learners, who due to irregular shift patterns or working unsocial hours are often difficult to get hold of.
  • Encourage participation and completion of coursework for more reluctant learners.


SMS Reminders

When coursework is due or overdue, a quick text reminder can help to prompt action from the learner, where emails may sit in their inbox unread. SMS has a much higher open rate than email, especially among a younger demographic.

Groups & Templates

Angela sorted her contacts into groups, allowing her to easily differentiate between learners on different courses and send relevant messages to each of them. Saving message templates also allowed her to quickly send exactly the message needed, without needing to compose a new message each time.


  • Coursework submitted and courses completed where otherwise they may have been forgotten entirely
  • Learners more motivated
  • Time saved composing new messages, sending unread emails and hunting for contact details

It can be really hard to reach these learners as many of them don’t use email and their phones are sometimes switched off, for example when they are at work. A quick message to a learner, picked up when the phone is switched back on, such as “Your learning plan is now ready for you, so you can start work now!” can be really effective. I have recommended it to several of my colleagues.

—Tribal Education

  • Tribal Education – recommended to several of my colleagues