The Massage Rooms Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


The Massage Rooms is a London-based professional therapeutic massage business, offering a wide range of holistic massage services from popular favourites such as Swedish massage and reflexology to sports and deep tissue.

The Massage Rooms had always used email and phone calls to confirm appointments for both clients and therapists, and a more efficient process was required to manage the operational side of the business. The Massage Rooms found that the emails either went into junk or were not being seen, generating follow up calls from both parties querying if the bookings had been received and confirmed.


Integrating their online system with Textlocal’s API Gateway, text messages are sent containing all the booking details accurately and instantly which are much more likely to be received and seen quickly.

Keywords are also now used when a therapist needs to cancel a booking or advise if they are going to be late. A message is sent to their dedicated Textlocal number starting with CANCEL or LATE. The team can then let customers know of any changes to their appointments or arrange cover as needed.


This process has proven to be a much more efficient approach for both the therapists and clients, saving at least six working hours each week.

Previously it would take a minimum of five minutes each time to read and respond to every email received, on top of constant phone calls throughout the day.

With the automated process, clients receive crucial information straight away, while staff can spend time on other business priorities.

Manual intervention is also no longer necessary, irradicating the error risk completely.

My business wouldn’t be the same without SMS. There is no faster substitute!

—The Massage Rooms

  • The Massage Rooms – no faster substitute