Strutt and Parker Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Strutt & Parker are a leading property company with offices throughout the UK, specialising in areas including residential, commercial & land management. They needed to generate leads and raise awareness of the LINK 62 commercial development just off Jct 31 on the M62 to passing motorists.


Outdoor billboard advertising displaying the short code was introduced as an effective way of promoting the development to passing motorists.

Generate Leads

Short codes are a great way of generating inbound enquiries by text, particularly from people on the move. All inbound enquiries are sent straight through to an email inbox.

Grow database of contacts

Opt-in marketing can lead to upward lift in customer acquisition.


  • The short code generated a huge amount of enquiries from passing motorists interested in the development
  • A large proportion of sales leads where either converted over time, or lead to viewings

We needed something visual that passing motorists could remember other than a phone number. Short codes are ideal as they are easy to remember.

—Tom Hughes, Strutt & Parker

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