Simply Gym Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


When high-end fitness company Simply Gym’s marketing agency, WebBox, were looking for ways to help boost the end of month sales, they realised that marketing offers via email alone were simply not enough, so they approached Textlocal for support.

Established in 2010, Simply Gym runs top quality gym facilities across five locations nationwide from Swansea to London – offering a range of flexible and affordable contracts from day passes to yearly commitments.


Simply Gym was seeing a fluctuation in new members signing in month on month. Whereas some months routinely saw high volumes of new sign ups, other months were less reliable – meaning the teams were struggling to consistently hit their sales targets.


Textlocal created 3-4 day campaigns over payday weekends at the end of the month. Targeting users when they were most likely to spend SMS messages were sent with close out sale offers for potential new customers. An initial message would be sent with a promotional code, and further messages would then be sent throughout the weekend reminding customers that the sale was for a limited time only, and finally to advise that the offer was expiring.


The results of the campaign saw a hugely positive reaction, with a significant boost in sales figures in the days following the promotional offers. WebBox and Simply Gym also found SMS marketing to be far superior to email marketing when it came to data capture: the dynamic platform offered by Textlocal meant that the previously challenging task of collecting data from across all five gym sites has been greatly improved.

Download Simply Gym Case Study

Download Simply Gym Case Study

“The close out sales campaigns we have been running with Textlocal have been hugely beneficial for Simply Gym, with a large portion of the sales at the end of the month due to SMS marketing. We would recommend working with Textlocal to any leisure business which is looking to boost their sales figures and gain more customers. There’s so much that SMS can offer and the scope for creativity in campaigns is limitless.”

Olly West Digital Marketing Manager at WebBox

—WebBox for Simply Gym

  • Web Box for Simply Gym- recommend working with Textlocal