Savvy & Shine Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Getting as many orders in as possible is the primary concern of wholesalers, and text messages can help. You can persuade your customers to make a purchase by sending them promotions or special offers via text and letting them know what date and time they need to make their order by. This is especially useful at certain periods, such as Christmas, when it is vital that customers receive their products before a certain date.


Savvy and Shine are a Northern Ireland based wholesale supplier for hair and beauty professionals, specialising in high quality products and ranges.

Mobile messaging was incorporated into existing communications to let customers know of special offers, promotions and order deadlines.


Savvy and Shine have utilised the Attachments tool to target customers with special offers. This PDF was attached to a text message via a short link, so recipients could simply click on the link and view the special offers on the screen on their handset.

Savvy and Shine have an average click through rate of 17% on SMS Attachments, outperforming typical rates of email, and contributing a 9% increase in sales.

Joanna Maxwell of Savvy and Shine says of SMS promotions: ‘Our Christmas promotions to salons have been fantastic, we sent out the text and each time we have visited a customer since, they know the promotions in advance and have their order ready and are ready to buy.’

Customers are also reminded of final dates to place orders by to make sure they are received by certain dates. The speed at which text messages are opened encouraged last minute orders for pending cut off dates.


  • Sales increased by 9%
  • More last minute orders placed

Using Textlocal for our campaigns has saved us time and energy by having all our customers getting info at the same time; this has had an increase in sales by around 9%. Thanks Textlocal!

—Joanna Maxwell, Savvy and Shine Ltd.

  • Savvy and Shine Ltd – saved us time and energy