Pizza Planet speeds up order process using automatic SMS


Pizza Planet is an independent pizza takeaway, operating its own in-house delivery and collection service, serving fresh dough to a 39-square-mile area.


When Pizza Planet were required to close their shop to customers at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they needed a reliable way of notifying customers that their orders were ready to collect. This had to be in real-time to avoid crowds of people gathering outside their premises. Previously, staff were required to manually call each customer, so they needed a solution that was quick to implement which would allow staff to move orders through the different stages of preparation, ensuring customers were kept up to date more effectively.


Having already used Textlocal’s Messenger platform for some years, Pizza Planet looked into the free API service that was then linked to their ‘Notify application’, where customer details and order numbers are stored. It’s here that staff also update the stage of preparation across “make” and “pack” within the kitchen. This then sent an automatic SMS containing a link to an order tracking application to the customer to let them know when their order was being cooked and when it was ready to collect.


  • The ability to rapidly deploy the Notify application enabled Pizza Planet to adapt their process to keep customers and employees safe as the pandemic took hold. Customers are kept up to date with messages telling them when their order is available for collection providing a reduction in parked cars outside the store waiting to collect orders.
  • Orders are no longer kept in hot bags for long periods of time waiting for collection as customers are kept up to date with progress in a timely manner, resulting in much fresher pizzas.
  • There is no longer a need to call customers, allowing team members to focus on other tasks in the business.
  • The new process worked so well through the pandemic that they continue to use it.