Pitman Training Cambridge Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Pitman Training Cambridge are part of the Pitman Training Group, offering professional training in the UK and beyond. As a group, they’ve been leading the way for growth in development and efficiency within the workplace for almost two centuries. Since they formed, the business has developed to incorporate modern technologies and advances.


The team at Pitman Training Cambridge were finding it challenging to get in touch with prospects who had made an enquiry. To ensure they are providing the correct service to the client, a telephone conversation is required to fully explain the details to them.

However, due to the busy lifestyles of the clients and varied working hours, Pitman Training Cambridge were having difficulties calling the clients at a convenient time. As a result, staff were spending a lot of time on the phone calling them with minimal results. Pitman Training Cambridge were also finding that many of their clients were missing their appointments and not reading important emails about training too. They needed a simple way to instantly make contact, secure appointment times, and send reminder messages.


Pitman Training Cambridge implemented SMS into their communications strategy as a way of simply and cost effectively informing prospects. They were able to set up quickly with Textlocal.com using their existing customer database of over 450 clients. Text messaging is now used by Pitman Training Cambridge as an essential way of prompting clients to arrange a call, reminding them of their upcoming appointment, providing a link to their online appointment booking system, and promoting sales campaigns.


Since using SMS, Pitman Training Cambridge have cut down on admin, seen a reduction in missed appointments, and achieved a higher conversion rate.

Their SMS sales promotions and campaigns have been particularly successful, resulting in many clients getting in touch. Their ‘Black Friday’ text message promotion generated several thousand pounds in income from a very small spend. Thus, the text message campaign provided a massive return on investment.

Pitman Training Cambridge also used Textlocal.com to send out a short message, alerting customers of the promotion they sent to their email inboxes. With an open rate of 98%, text messaging was the best way to get their message across and lead them to the fee reduction information.

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