Ormond Quay Paternity Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Ormond Quay Paternity Services are a DNA testing service based in Dublin. There clientele are from both the public and private sectors.


Ormond Quay Paternity Services wanted to find a more convenient way to issue general appointment reminders and information request reminders in order to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales figures.


Text messaging is the simplest most effective way for Ormond Quay Paternity Services to relay information and remind customers of their appointments on a daily basis. They now use SMS as much as email communications.


Sending text message communications has increased peace of mind for all of their clients as they are now fully informed at all times. As a result sales have noticeably increased.

Using text messages has also reduced the number of letters issued and this in turn has brought down postage costs. Their sister company in the UK are also considering using Textlocal in the near future.

It is the simplest most effective way to relay information and I find I now use it just as much as I do to email.

—Ormond Quay Paternity Services

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