NHS Knowsley Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Knowsley Health and Wellbeing Centre wanted to run a unique campaign giving smokers the help and support that they needed to find a way of quitting that suited them.


People could sign up to the programme by texting QUITTER to 60777.

Targeted Alerts

The Textlocal system sent different messages of encouragement at different times to a variety of people.

Building relationships

Quitters were able to get the best support directly to the palms of their hands at the most crucial times.


  • Since launch, the campaign has helped 366 people quit smoking
  • SMS has enabled NHS Knowsley to stay in touch with quitters every step of the way
  • SMS is a great tool for campaigns that require a constant stream of communication between an organisation and client

Sending text has helped in keeping our members on the right track and it’s an extremely cost-effective tool for us.

—Jennifer Cawkwell, Marketing Manager

  • NHS Knowsley – extremely cost-effective