The Mountain Company’s conversion rates increase by over 20% using Textlocal’s API

The Mountain Company is an award-winning travel operator specialising in holidays and expeditions to the Himalayas and Karakoram. Also, organisers of high-quality trips and adventures in Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, and India.


Before using Textlocal, The Mountain Company used email to reply to customers who sent enquiries via the website. A high number of the response emails were not received by the potential customers as they often ended up in spam folders or went unnoticed due to the vast number of other emails.

This required follow-up calls to be made by the team, however, in practice this was very time-consuming and not all customers could be contacted resulting in a loss of sales.


Using Textlocal’s API service, when an enquiry is received, an automated SMS is now sent advising a response email is in the recipients’ inbox for review.


Using SMS to send notifications has meant that conversion rates from turning leads into sales have increased by at least 20%. Productivity has also improved as less time is spent making phone calls.