Le Café Anglais Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Le Café Anglais of London wanted to promote their second birthday by targeting a database of 14,700 customer mobile numbers.

With limited time they needed a way to engage a quick response.


A text message was sent to all 14,700 customers using a Dedicated Inbound Number, inviting them to the birthday event

Simple Interaction

Customers were prompted to reply to the text with their email address for an automated formal invitation.

Low Cost Marketing

The low cost text credits gave a greater opportunity for ROI.


  • 29% of text recipients responded to the event invitation
  • 4451 email addresses were captured from the reply text
  • Easy campaign measurement, monitoring and set up

29% of text recipients responded to the event invitation.

—Marina Guirey, Le Cafe Anglais

  • Le Cafe Anglais – 29% responded to event invite