Islington Council Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Islington Council’s objective is to raise awareness of climate change whilst actively encouraging members of the community to sign up and pledge their support for the climate change initiative.


The word CHALLENGE was used on a Short Code urging residents to sign up for the Islington Climate Challenge.

Environmentally Friendly Marketing

SMS ensured Islington Council could communicate with residents in a climate friendly way.

Data Collection

The mobile numbers of people who text in are stored for the next awareness campaign.


  • Using the Short Code generated a 7% increase in take up
  • Results were measured by the number of texts received as a proportion of entire responses. Other methods used were freepost envelopes, email and telephone

We were very pleased with the Textlocal service and the results we achieved. The service was quick, efficient and easy to use.

—Laura Hales, Islington

  • Islington – service was quick, efficient and easy to use